bye bye.

I dropped Lily of at day care this morning. I normally spend 15 minutes or so catching up with the sitter (a family friend), giving Lily her breakfast, and chatting with the two school-aged boys that are there a few days a week. When I’m getting ready to leave, out of habit I typically say something like, “Okay, Peanut” or “Alrighty.” This morning, I think I said, “Alrighty,” and immediately after I did, Lily turned around and said, “Bye bye” as she waved. My heart immediately melted. Sure, she’s said it before. This time, I think it was the way she said it. She was sitting on the floor playing with blocks, and for some reason it just felt different than every time before. She seemed more grown up. More like a little girl and less like a baby.

I don’t want to blink – I’m afraid I’ll miss everything.


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