2010 in review.

2010 was an amazing year – plenty of celebrations, milestones and firsts … and a few sad happenings mixed in, as well.

2010 brought …

… new jobs for both the hubby and I. The Mr. is pleasant and under minimal stress. I left a really bad situation and am realizing just how much I needed a fresh start.
… a growing little one. Oh. My. Heavens. I might change my mind this time next year, but 2010 could have possibly been the best year ever with that girl. I found my place as a mom and learned to appreciate every single second with our free-spirited girl. Lily learned to walk, is really starting to learn words, and understands so much of what we tell her. She’s starting to pretend, too, which is so much fun!
… Snowmageddon. How could we forget that? Two ridiculous snowstorms that dumped over 5 feet of snow in a matter of weeks. It was exhausting.
… two huge pet losses. Our family dog, Daisy, left us early this year. A few weeks after we lost Daisy, we learned that our dog, Cody, had prostate cancer. We spent just over 2 months with him before we lost him on July 22. It was devastating.
… a new dog, Huck! We adopted Huck a few weeks before we lost Cody. Huck’s a beagle & brittany spaniel mix, and he’s a lot different than Cody, that’s for sure! He has certainly settled in and found himself a home.
… another family member! Our niece Cypress was born on 8/1 and is perfect in every way! She’s loved by her two big brothers, that’s for sure.
… travel. I finally made it to the west coast, though I didn’t get to spend any time discovering the state of California, as it was a work trip. At any rate, I have a few more states to add to my list of places I’ve traveled. We also went to Florida for a week with my family – all of us! It was awesome!
… a couple of weddings, at least one funeral, and babies (No, not for us, silly!).
… a new hobby – knitting! I’m certainly still a beginner, but am finding fun in knitting.

I know there are things I’m forgetting – perhaps I’ll add to the list as I think of things. Looking back, 2010 was a great year, and it can only leave me looking forward to 2011!

Happy New Year to you and yours!


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