i hope it made her …

… smile.

We went to dinner tonight at a local pizza shop. It’s a small place, 15 tables or so, and tonight it was covered by only 1 waiter and 1 waitress. Seriously, the place was packed the entire time. And from what we noticed, the waiter had 2 tables and the waitress was covering the other +/- 13. Thankfully, we were one of her 13 (And ironically, we were at table #13.).

She wasn’t extraordinary for us alone. She was spread entirely too thin and didn’t have time to be fabulous for us alone. We felt for her – she was oh so busy. And through that chaos, I could tell she would have been just wonderful if she’d had the time. She had great energy, but was understandably tired.

I hope I made her smile.

I leave little ‘treasures’ for fabulous waiters and waitresses. But they’ve really got to be fabulous. Very friendly, extremely attentive, and on their game. They have to just have it. For these awesome people, I leave a note – the back of a receipt (The itemized one, of course.) or a clean napkin are the two usual suspects. I wish them a good day, tell them they are wonderful, or wish them a good holiday.

Our waitress got a note with her tip. She was super busy and still managed to be friendly. She had earned it, and probably needed a boost to get through the night.

I hope it made her smile.

Try it sometime – I bet it’ll make you smile, too!


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