so many things …

So many things have been happening lately. Chaos at work, a little person who is growing up too quickly, a husband who has returned home from his annual “vacation” with the boys … it’s exhausting!

For the 1 1/2 of you who read this blog, I’ll give you some of the more recent updates. I’m sorry – I’m trying my best to keep things up-to-date, but I’ve found that I have time for one dedicated thing a night. Unfortunately, with the holidays right around the corner and my strong desire to craft many things this year, blogging isn’t high on my list right now.

This is news only a mom (Er, and maybe a dad here and there.) can appreciate. Peanut pottied twice on the pot yesterday! Yipeeeee! (It feels so strange to type that … and then leave it there!)

She is repeating so much now. She learned ‘purple’ yesterday – “poe poe.” She is obsessed with freeze pops, so she’ll walk over to the freezer, pull on the door, and say “pop.” And “baby” is my new favorite word of hers – I just love the way she says it! One thing she absolutely loves to point out is your hat – but don’t dare put one on her! And in case you’re wondering what can occupy her for 30 minutes or more, it’s a box of crayons. Not to color, but to remove the crayons and refill. It’s great when I just need some time to sit and get something done, work in the kitchen, or just have a moment of quiet time. Another good time kill is daddy’s wallet. She’ll take the cards and money out and put it back in time and time again.

The greatest improvement is bedtime. Completely by chance, I discovered that she no longer needs one of us to sit with her as she falls asleep. She sits upstairs and talks for a while, rolls around a bit, and then falls asleep – all while we’re away! It’s the best time-saver there is. It didn’t come without some serious mom guilt, but we keep her up a bit later now, so the time is better spent playing than sitting while she falls asleep.

For a while now, she’s loved walking around in everyone else’s shoes – literally. I think her favorite pair is Justin’s Crocs – the black and gold slip-ons.

Ooh, that reminds me. She also likes to hold her leg now when we put on her socks. It’s like she’s “handing” us her foot. She’ll often tell us “sock.” Awesome!

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here yet or not, but the “Wow-Wow Polka” is the most huge hit that may ever play in our house. First thing in the car, “wa wa.” Upon arriving home, “wa wa.” When she first wakes up, “wa wa.”

She loves to see animals. To the dog on my shirt, any bunnies that appear on the television, cats walking through the yard, or cows as we drive by, she says “awwww.”

And she makes a beard out of the bubbles in her bath. Too cute.

As I’ve said a million times before, I love this life.

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