these days …

I had no idea an 18-month old could be so much fun! I don’t want to forget these moments, so here’s what our Peanut is up to these days

  • Everything is “dis.” In the pantry, she points to what she wants … “Dis!” Standing next to the refrigerator, she’s tugging on the freezer door in an attempt to get a freeze pop … “Dis!” In our bedroom, she points to the bottle of lotion, wanting a bit on her hands to rub together and on her face … “Dis!”
  • As we drive by cows and horses, she belts out, “Mooooo!” Don’t worry – if the cows and horses aren’t in the fields where they normally are, she’ll still say, “Mooooo!” Cool!
  • She tries climbing just about everything – her high chair, the trash can, toys, the couch, our bed, the tub. She’ll climb onto the kitchen table chair and get on the table! Yep, that girl will crawl across the table if we aren’t watching her every move!
  • Finally, she’ll let me put ribbons, bows, and crazy ponytails in her hair! Finally!
  • Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it or not yet. Sneeze and she’ll tell you, “Bless you!” She’ll also often say, “Thank you!” Both are perfectly in context and completely unprompted. I love it!!!
  • “Da!” She’ll call out to him when he runs outside, as we walk downstairs in the morning, when we pull up to the house, and when he’s in the other room. She apparently does the same for me (Except it’s “Ma!” … of course.). She even said “Da!” to the car a few days ago – we were in separate cars and as “da da” drove by, she called for him. Too cute!
  • Dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba and The Fresh Beat Band are the norm in our house. And a Dora sighting prompts her to say, in 18-month old language, “backpack!”
  • Don’t even ask us about the Wow-Wow Polka. We hear it 10-20 times per day – we know it by heart!
  • Feeding Huckleberry seems to be second nature. I’m not sure who ends up eating more of her dinner – Peanut or the dog.
  • She loves to watch me cook. If I have something on the stove, I’ll usually hold her so she can watch. She’ll put her hand out and say, “Hot!” She’ll also tell you when her food is hot (Don’t worry, we never give her food that’s too hot for her. But if it’s warm by her standards, it’s hot.) – and she’ll blow on it to cool it down!
  • When falling asleep, she’ll usually stick her feet out of her crib for a foot rub. You can’t try to stop when you’re done; she’ll stick them out further until you continue. Lucky girl, huh?
  • Some things just can’t be cut up – don’t try giving her only part of a piece of bread. She wants the whole thing, even if Huck will eat it before she has a chance!
  • Kisses! We get kisses! Well, it’s more of a set of little lips being turned your way, a raising of the chin, a forward motion of the head. It’s so incredibly amazing – heartwarming.
  • Show her how to do something and chances are she’ll try to mimic it. Tonight, I taught her how to open and close the clasps on an old-fashioned metal lunchbox style tin.
  • Sleep in on the weekends? I wish! We wake her up around 6:10am during the week, she wakes us up around 6:30am on the weekends!
  • The driver’s seat of the car is like a playground. She loves to push the buttons on the radio, hit the turn signal and rotate the intermittent wiper speed dial, and put my parents’ house key in the ignition.
  • While her Halloween costume did seem to suit her for the night, she hated it when we tried it on her a few times before the holiday.

Sassy pretty much sums it up. That girl is hilarious. And that is what we’ve been up to lately. No one ever tells you about this part of parenting – this life is so incredibly amazing.

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