a hand print on my windshield.

I was driving north and west one afternoon this week. An ordinary, and very sunny, day. Beautiful weather.

Something caught my eye – maybe I thought it was something on my sunglasses. I don’t know. But what I did see once I could make it out was beautiful.

It was a little. itty. bitty. hand print. On my windshield.


That’s the left hand, just in case you can’t see it. I know, it doesn’t look much like a hand print to you. The picture doesn’t do it justice. I promise … it’s beautiful.

In the minutes that followed that moment of discovery, I took it all in. I reflected on just what that little hand print means to me. I thought about how quickly that hand print will grow. I walked through some of the recent memories that mean so much to me – many of which I just shared with you.

There aren’t words for what that moment meant to me. That moment with my little. itty. bitty. hand print.

I love this life.

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