we’re still here!

Yep, we’re still here! In this stream of consciousness style post, updates will be delivered.

We voted this morning – and took our daughter to the polls in a political t-shirt. It. Was. Awesome.

I’m taking a knitting class over the next few weeks. Everyone I know crochets, so how did I choose a knitting class? Well, (1) there were waaay more local knitting classes than crochet classes and (2) I like the look of knit things. I’m hoping to make a hat for Peanut. We’ll see … I might never get to a hat. I might end up learning to crochet from friends and family members. Perhaps I won’t take to either – even as badly as I want to take to one of them.

Halloween was a blast! Peanut was a butterfly – and she DID make it through the night in her costume. Yippee! We went to 3 houses – neighbors. At the first house, she camped out and ate 3 or 4 lollipops. She was Chatty Cathy at the second house, walking in and making herself at home. We watched in amazement as she talked away! The third house, though, was the best. While we talked, she sat down on the front porch. She emptied her candy time and time again, lining up her pieces of bubble gum and grouping all of the chocolate together. It was too cute!

We went on an interesting train ride the day after our 6th wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful trip through a beautiful portion of the western part of our state – it just wasn’t the greatest day for such a trip. Peanut was clearly not in the mood, crying through much of the 2 hours on the train. It was still fun, though! We packed a picnic lunch, and it was truly a gorgeous day!

There have been 5k races, 2 pumpkin patches and a business trip to Los Angeles.

I got to catch up with family today, though not for the best of circumstances.

We waited patiently for the delivery of Polish pottery, and I made an awesome Christmas purchase on Monday that I can’t wait to deliver! And speaking of Christmas, I actually feel like I have a good start to holiday shopping. No, I’m not close to done, but I’m much further along than usual. Woohoo!

Surgery was discussed and quickly dismissed (Yep, me.).

Peanut and I had a beautiful day out at the local beach with mom & dad. And the restaurant/cafe we had been trying to visit was just fabulous!

I discovered little fingerprints on the inside of my windshield this afternoon; fingerprints that made my heart swell. (More on that later.)

We have been so incredibly busy – good and bad. I feel like I’m really far behind on the basics. At the same time, I’ve been focusing on what is important to us … me … my family and have cast aside what I sense others want from me. Honestly, it’s been great! I’ve grown closer to my husband, know my daughter like never before, and am even developing a slightly better sense of who I am these days.

Enough for now. I’m off to fall asleep while watching the political news channel – I love this stuff on election day. Did you vote? I hope so!

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