in the kitchen …

Peanut’s latest “thing” is to push me away from the cabinets while I’m cooking. Instead of either giving in or standing my ground, I decided to find a constructive way to divert her energy. I’ve been pulling up a chair and getting her involved!

Last night was the first time she’s really taken to it. The pasta was boiling and I had just finished up the spaghetti sauce – time for breadsticks! While I worked on the remaining breadsticks, I gave her a bit of dough to work with on her own. She was so cute – followed exactly what I did and was so proud!

We rolled out our breadsticks, then brushed them with olive oil. I have a little brush I usually use, but gave that to her and used my finger to distribute the olive oil. She’d look over to see what I was doing, then repeat on her portion. We sprinkled garlic salt and some herbs over our breadsticks and then put them in the oven to bake.

That’s when it … All. Went. South.

She didn’t want to part with her creation. My bad. I tried turning the light on in the oven – seeing them clearly wasn’t enough, though.

Good thing we had some flour tortillas, more olive oil, some parmesan cheese, and bunny crackers! We continued our “assembly” session, only with different ingredients. That seemed to do the trick until dinner! She’d move the crackers around on the tortilla and then eat them. Towards the end, she started tearing off pieces of the tortilla and eating it. Guess working with food was too much temptation! Ha! (Thankfully we didn’t have to eat these …)

Oh, how I love this girl …


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