i was just thinking …

I need to do more of these posts … they seem to keep me on track. Focused. I’ve always enjoyed stream of consciousness-like things. I need to get organized enough to do them.

I need to get, and stay, organized. Period.

I often think about what I want from life. I think about it, get all psyched up about the things I want to do and how I want to live, and that’s as far as it goes. Think these posts will keep me on track? I certainly hope so. I want to march to the beat of my own drum – it’s something I’ve never done. Disappointing but so very true. More on that later. Don’t get excited – maybe not later today, but later.

For perhaps 2 months, I was spending work lunch breaks at the gym with a great friend. When that great friend left the company, I abandoned the gym. Perhaps I was mourning her departure. Or maybe I just got lazy? Eh, let’s stick with option 1. As of today, I’m back. I’m in the gym. Right. Now. You see, a few weeks in, we started bringing our laptops to the gym with us. If we needed to work, we could. If we felt like reading blogs or catching up on email, we could do that too. It is a lunch break, right? You can read from your laptop just like you can read a book. It’s the typing that takes a bit more coordination. No worries; I think I can handle it. I just can’t fall off the treadmill or I might be in big trouble.

Think I can blog a few days a week from the treadmill or elliptical? It sure does make the time pass faster! I’ll try.

Work has been crazy lately, and will be for another few weeks. Ugh. I’m missing tons of time at home, and that means totally missing Peanut and the man. I know the end is near, so I keep going. Otherwise, I’d be losing my mind right about now!

I’m loving the stage Peanut is at right now. Sure, she’s getting a bit more of an opinion, and with that opinion comes expression of it, but it’s nothing that’s not manageable at this point. She’s just hilarious. Seems she learns something new every day, which is awesome to watch. She stacks and nests plastic cups on the kitchen floor while I make dinner. She sits on the couch with us at night and plays with her My Own Leaptop. She dances to commercials and carries rubber coasters around in her mouth. She knows her nose and eyes and is starting to get mouth, teeth and ears. She brushes her teeth every night and is even starting to tolerate me brushing them for her. It is such a wonderful time!

We are planning a trip of some sort for our anniversary. Nothing extravagant – we’re talking day trip or weekend at most. You may know that the man is totally into trains (And Peanut makes the sound when she hears one! She barks when she hears dogs bark, too. You know, just in case you were curious.), so we’ll either do a day trip for a train ride through a beautiful mountain range (the closer option) or will head to a huge train lovers destination for a weekend. I’m psyched either way; there are things I know Peanut will love at either, so I’m looking forward to great fun no matter what we choose.

I’m traveling for work soon and am hoping to finish a book I started a few weeks back – Womenomics by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay. So far it’s great, but I’m only a chapter or so in.

I’m singing … at the gym! Ha!

That’s it for now – cool down time. I’m hoping to check in like this a few times a week – fingers crossed!


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