road trippin’: day 1

And we’re off! By the time I post this, we should be back at home, tan and still high from a fabulous vacation!

We are traveling to Orlando as I type to celebrate my little sister’s 21st birthday. Oh. My. Gosh. My baby sister is 21. Whoa! I remember days when A and I tortured Alli in her high chair, summer afternoons spent playing school, house & school bus in the basement, and her high school graduation. Hard to believe she’s here already! Time flies. I love you, girl!

So in dramatic fashion, my husband flat out refused to fly to Florida. Nope, he’ll fly just about anywhere else, but not Florida. Great. So yep, we are driving. As. We. Speak. (Or type … er, peck … on my Blackberry.)

So far, so good! I had imagined traveling with a teething 16-month old to be much more dramatic, but its been smooth sailing so far. We left home around 3am and made our first stop in Virginia to change drivers. Breakfast was at Cracker Barrel in North Carolina, and we just stretched our legs and switched drivers at South of the Border in South Carolina.

Peanut slept until 7 or so and has been wonderful the entire time! We plan a stop for lunch in around 1, and our stopping point for the night will be Savannah. We hope to be there around 3 or 4pm and are looking forward to a beautiful evening on the river in what I hear is a beautiful city. I can’t wait!

We did cross paths with hurricane Earl, though it only brought steady rain for an hour or two, so it wasn’t bad at all.

Okay, I’ve got a fussy passenger. Gotta run!

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