ch-ch-changes …

Today I …

… shopped at a natural food co-op store.

… carried my groceries away in reusable grocery bags.

… bought very local goat cheese.

… ate sticks & twigs that had chia seeds in them and were free of gluten and wheat.

… gave thought to the argument for more calories from a natural product vs. a preservative-laden snack with fewer calories. Natural won.

… used an all natural lip balm – and liked it.

… made a salad with local, organic ingredients (And it only cost $7.29 a lb.! Relatively speaking, that’s not bad! My salad was only $5.09!).

… gave serious thought to whether it was more environmentally friendly to use a recycled paper towel or the hand dryer.

… realized my new, 2-month love for Icelandic skyr may be more like an addiction.

… made a grilled pizza. And if that wasn’t enough, I made it entirely from organic ingredients.

This alternative energy, tree-hugging, sustainability thing is rubbing off on me a bit, I guess. Sounds like a good thing to me!

Green with envy yet???


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