flash cards on life.

Are there any volunteers out there? I’m looking for someone to follow me around all day with flash cards. On the flash cards would be reminders of life’s moments and things around me, and they’d be presented at just the right time. It would go something like this:

When I’m frustrated because our daughter is splashing in the dog’s water for the 7th time in an hour …
“You’re gonna miss this.”

When someone important forgets my birthday – again …
“You make mistakes, too.”

When I get frustrated because someone is taking too long to get ready …
“Slow down – life is short.”

When I don’t have time to reply to the emails and messages …
“You’re only one person.”

When the mix of work and family seems to lose its balance …
“Be thankful you have a good job and education.”

When I forget something, get overwhelmed, or feel I can’t do it all …
“Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

When I’m feeling like I’ve failed again – I didn’t finish my run any faster, couldn’t carry groceries and a little one, or wasn’t there when someone needed me …
“You’ll do better next time.”

When a promise of much needed help doesn’t come through …
“There’s always tomorrow, and everyone makes mistakes.”

When someone cuts me off, leaves me behind, or forgets to ask …
“Don’t let others decide what kind of mood you’re in – you control your own destiny.”

When I’m overcome with working mom guilt and feeling awful about my choices as a parent …
“You’re providing a good balance for your family. You’re a good mom, and you’re a better person this way.”

When I find a new hobby but haven’t followed through with the previous 25 hobbies …
“It’s okay to try new things. One day you may find the time to pursue everything you love.”

When someone doesn’t appreciate the things I do or the gifts I give …
“Don’t worry about the things you cannot change.”

The list could go on and on.

I know these things, and I reflect on them often. The problem is in the timing. I never stop and think when these things are happening – and I always say I’ll remember next time. Naturally, I forget.

Will you be my shadow … with flash cards?


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