we’re going with a plan.

I’m a planner. If I’m going somewhere, I’ve got to know what we’re doing and when. Maybe not necessarily down to the hour, or the day, but I need to know that I’ll accomplish everything that’s planned before time is up. I need to know what there is to do, and what options there are for things. I know – crazy.

We’re headed to Florida soon, and I hope I don’t send my family into overload. I’ve already started mapping things out – again, not to the day, but in two parts of the week. My sister is joining us for the first part of the week, so I want to make sure we do what she wants to do while she’s there. All in all, we’ve got 6 full days there, and 6 things we want to do. And there will be 8 of us. 8 opinions, 8 decisions. We’ve simply got to be organized to get it all done, right?! No, we won’t be standing around each night/morning trying to decide what to do – there’s a plan!

Is it overboard? Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re going to hate me. But at least we’ll be organized!

How far do you go with planning your vacations?


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