we made it!

So we all made it through the day yesterday – Peanut with hurting teeth (She’s pitiful, really.), me with a broken heart, hubby with … well, I don’t know if he had any issues. But we survived!

I started strength training yesterday – ouch. I made that decision at the last minute, so I came up with a circuit on the fly and made it work. I’ll come up with something better and more planned for next time – though from the feel of my aching muscles, yesterday’s plan seemed to work! Not only did I do 35 minutes of strength training, but I also walked for 45 minutes last night! I think I’ll take a needed day off today – my body is telling me it’s okay. I love it when we agree!

And thanks to the running, walking, and pilates, I’m so excited to be in pants that are one size smaller today! Yippee! I knew it would come – eventually. Now if only the scale would tell me it’s working … wishful thinking, I suppose. Perhaps that number will move once I’m off this sinus meds regimen. Last day for that nonsense is next Tuesday (Well, for the steroids, which is the mean one.), so we’ll see how next week looks. At the end of the day, it is just a number, but it can be so validating! Why can’t it just drop, already!?

Boring today, I know. It’s rainy, and my tire decided it would like to be low today. Nice. Needless to say, my hair looks like Medusa thanks to 5 minutes in the rain with the air tank. Eh, who cares anyway. Not me!

Happy hump day!

P.S. – Did I tell you yet that I’m now registered for two 5k races in October? Yippee! I’ve told myself that if I train throughout and complete both races, I’d consider a running GPS (Perhaps a Garmin Forerunner 205?). Consider being the key word. I do adore gadgets! Perhaps that would get me through the winter and into a few 10k races in the spring? Now that’s pushing it! 😉


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