You read that right – running.

In a desperate (Okay, it’s not desperate. Well maybe just a little bit.) attempt to get rid of this baby gut (Nope, the body is never the same post-child. She’s oh so worth it, but it’s not the same!), I started going to the gym 3-5 days a week about 6 weeks ago. Most, if not all of those days are spend in the gym at work during lunch, which means not a whole lot of intensity gets mixed in. I typically walk at a moderate speed at an incline from 5-10% for 30 minutes. I might make it to the park one night a week, and I typically do a 30 minute run there. Eh, not too shabby.

Weekends, however, rock on a whole new level. I’ve started running in the mornings (I know, get excited! Ha!)! I started with a simple 1.8 mi route that I’ve walked plenty of times. This weekend, though, I wanted something new. The route I ended up taking was 3.2 miles (I went on time, guessing I’d end up at around 3 miles in 45 minutes) and to my surprise, I did it in 41 minutes. I know, I’m slow. That’s a 12:48 minute mile. But it’s improved. I started at a 15 minute mile, so I’m excited!

I was so psyched about yesterday’s run that I signed up for an account on – it allows you to customize routes, calculating distance of those routes, and keep a journal. I’m not sure of anything beyond that yet, but I’m sure there’s more to the site than just that.

Here we go. I’m so excited! Now I need to keep my motivation – I’ll be fine until it gets cold, but then it’s a whole new ball game. This will take discipline!


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