to the fair?

What is it about the county fair that’s so exciting?

As we made the drive for the second time this week (Ehem, the 7 minute drive. Terrible, I know! Ha!), I tried to answer that exact question. Certainly, the fair makes different people happy for different reasons. Sure, some must like the rides – you can count me out there. Others may go for the fireworks – I’m not even sure our fair has them. Perhaps you go for the music – it’s nice, but it’s certainly not the highlight for me.

No, I go for a few other reasons. First, the food. While I didn’t do all of the traditional “fair food” this year (Well, I only missed the funnel cake.), I typically go crazy once a year, and this fair is it. I start with a cheeseburger from the local “snack shack.” That’s typically paired with fries from the HS stand – “May I please have a freshman?” (They name the sizes by class years.) Finally, the night is finished off with funnel cake – and my husband and I have yet to finish one between the two of us. On a really good year, there might be cotton candy thrown in there, but that’s when I’m really feeling like a kid.

Second, the animals. There are some really cool animals at the fair – nothing earth shattering, but I enjoy seeing all types of farm animals all spiffed up and ready to be shown off. We typically watch whatever judging is going on while we are there – this year, it was the pigs. Very cool!

Third, the people. They’re hilarious, and I don’t care where your fair may be – you’ve got them, too! Naturally, you can people watch anywhere, but it seems only the best come out for the fair. You can see young romance blossom, see people who have stuffed themselves into clothes 2 sizes too small, and watch the prima donnas stroll by. It’s hilarious!

This year, we had plenty of additional entertainment. Our daughter is at such a fun age right now, so it was great to watch her dance to the music, say “aww” about the pigs, pull hair from a sheep (Clearly she needs some help in learning to pet animals!), walk the fairgrounds, and point at other children as we strolled by. It’s a pretty big year for politics, so we got to have some fun with the candidates on hand for the evening, and naturally brought home some yard signs that we’ll display for those we are supporting. I enjoyed seeing 5 of my photos on display, and enjoyed seeing 4 ribbons – 2 second, 1 third, and 1 fourth – pinned on them, as well! Finally, this year we watched part of the first annual zero-turn mower challenge. Funny!

The fair is a recap to summer and a warm welcome to fall. It’s a time to enjoy family and make memories. Walking around this year, I remember many of the things we did last year. Last year was special, but this year was even better.

What’s the fair to you? Why do you go and what do you enjoy? And what kinds of great things does your county fair have?


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