lately …

I’m trying so hard to blog regularly – I really am! As I said before, our Peanut is so incredibly active now, making it hard to do anything besides the day-to-day things I have to do (You know, make dinner, clean up dishes, take the dog out, laundry, pack lunches, keep the house straight, etc.) and chase her around. For the most part, I’m pretty hands off. Unfortunately, she (1) likes to put things in her mouth, and (2) likes to climb and reach for things that could hurt her. That’s to be said for most little ones, though, so I guess she’s no different. Anyway, that was completely not the point of this post!

Just over a week ago, our family grew by one! Justin’s brother and his wife welcomed their third little one – a girl! She’s simply amazing! A full head of gorgeous brown hair and incredibly long fingers! She went home yesterday and I’m sure everyone’s having an adventure settling in to life as a family of 5! Congrats and love to them!

I’m ready for fall – are you? This ridiculously hot weather is getting old, though I guess I shouldn’t complain – I certainly don’t want another winter like last year’s! Then again, it might be alright. Last year I lost vacation days for those missed days from work – this year, I can work from home! Last year, Peanut was so little and we were essentially stuck inside the entire time – this year, she’s much more mobile and might actually enjoy the snow! Eh, I take it all back – it’s still not worth all. that. shoveling.

Anyone started Christmas shopping? Well, I know of some that have. I’m among them now! I’ve made my list and will be checking it twice over the next few days! I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some people on my list that are just impossible to buy for – those that are picky beyond belief. This year, I’ve decided that I just don’t care. I’ll do gift cards if I have to, as impersonal as that may be! I’m not stressing over it this year – life’s far too short and frankly, I’ve got better things to do than worry about pleasing the picky and ungrateful. Sounds mean, but why should I care if they don’t?

Peanut has started saying some words – grandpa is the latest! More, ma, hello, and a few others I can’t remember at the moment are also part of her vocabulary. Seems she learns something new every day. She cracks me up in the bath – when she sees me put soap on her washcloth, she rubs her belly. And when she sees me pour shampoo into my hands, she rubs her hands together, then rubs her hair. It’s so cute! She’s also starting to really laugh at things on her own. We were in the car on Friday – my husband and I talking in the front, Peanut in the back playing with her Leaptop. Out of nowhere, she pushes one of the buttons on the Leaptop and cracks up! She repeated it a few times and kept on laughing! It was so cool!

I’m one week into my killer sinus treatment and while the side effects haven’t been as bad as I expected, some of them are still pretty icky. My legs ache nearly every day, which is not fun at all. And I can’t sleep! Once I’m out, I’m okay, but it usually takes an hour or more for me to fall asleep. Once a night might be alright, but if the dog moves, I wake up. There’s an hour to fall asleep. When my husband comes to bed, I wake up. Another hour. Peanut cries and needs to be comforted back to sleep and there’s another hour. Needless to say, I don’t get much sleep! Other than that, though, I’m pretty much okay with it. Just looking forward to seeing what might happen in the next year – no more infections and I’m good to go! Of course, there’s always the chance that they come back, and in that case, we’re essentially back to the drawing board. Fingers crossed!

Guess that’s about it for now! Peanut and I have a play date this Saturday, and I’m so excited! As play dates are usually during the week, we don’t often get the chance to go to them. I love, love, love when they’re on the weekends! Hey, working moms and our little ones need them too, right?

Happy week, everyone!


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