5 answered!


Did ya guess?

I entered these 5 photos in our county fair! My husband encouraged me to submit something this year, and I actually took his advice for once! Ha! We went to see them yesterday, and it was pretty cool looking at them among a sea of awesome photography!

I was also a little bit excited to see that four of the five won! I know, it’s only the county fair, but it was still pretty cool to see the ribbons next to my photos. Details are below.

Original Post:

What’s with these 5 photos? Do you sense a theme? Or perhaps could find a common purpose? I’ll tell ya – but you’ll have to wait!


This one was 4th in the still life, flowers, and plants category.


This is the one that didn’t win anything, and to be honest, I wasn’t surprised. I almost didn’t submit it, but decided that I might as well anyway.


This one was second in the people category. Love this picture!


This one was third in the digitally edited category. I re-did it, so the final result looks a little different than what’s shown here – same concept, though.


And finally, this one was second in the animals category. Welcome to the family, Huck!


One response to “5 answered!

  1. Great photos, I like them a lot and congratulations on winning. Good for you!

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