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third …

And I’ve totally gone off the deep end – by registering for my third 5k race this fall.

  • Sunday, September 26th
  • Saturday, October 2nd
  • Saturday, October 30th

If you see my sanity running around, can you send it back my way??? Thanks!


ch-ch-changes …

Today I …

… shopped at a natural food co-op store.

… carried my groceries away in reusable grocery bags.

… bought very local goat cheese.

… ate sticks & twigs that had chia seeds in them and were free of gluten and wheat.

… gave thought to the argument for more calories from a natural product vs. a preservative-laden snack with fewer calories. Natural won.

… used an all natural lip balm – and liked it.

… made a salad with local, organic ingredients (And it only cost $7.29 a lb.! Relatively speaking, that’s not bad! My salad was only $5.09!).

… gave serious thought to whether it was more environmentally friendly to use a recycled paper towel or the hand dryer.

… realized my new, 2-month love for Icelandic skyr may be more like an addiction.

… made a grilled pizza. And if that wasn’t enough, I made it entirely from organic ingredients.

This alternative energy, tree-hugging, sustainability thing is rubbing off on me a bit, I guess. Sounds like a good thing to me!

Green with envy yet???

flash cards on life.

Are there any volunteers out there? I’m looking for someone to follow me around all day with flash cards. On the flash cards would be reminders of life’s moments and things around me, and they’d be presented at just the right time. It would go something like this:

When I’m frustrated because our daughter is splashing in the dog’s water for the 7th time in an hour …
“You’re gonna miss this.”

When someone important forgets my birthday – again …
“You make mistakes, too.”

When I get frustrated because someone is taking too long to get ready …
“Slow down – life is short.”

When I don’t have time to reply to the emails and messages …
“You’re only one person.”

When the mix of work and family seems to lose its balance …
“Be thankful you have a good job and education.”

When I forget something, get overwhelmed, or feel I can’t do it all …
“Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

When I’m feeling like I’ve failed again – I didn’t finish my run any faster, couldn’t carry groceries and a little one, or wasn’t there when someone needed me …
“You’ll do better next time.”

When a promise of much needed help doesn’t come through …
“There’s always tomorrow, and everyone makes mistakes.”

When someone cuts me off, leaves me behind, or forgets to ask …
“Don’t let others decide what kind of mood you’re in – you control your own destiny.”

When I’m overcome with working mom guilt and feeling awful about my choices as a parent …
“You’re providing a good balance for your family. You’re a good mom, and you’re a better person this way.”

When I find a new hobby but haven’t followed through with the previous 25 hobbies …
“It’s okay to try new things. One day you may find the time to pursue everything you love.”

When someone doesn’t appreciate the things I do or the gifts I give …
“Don’t worry about the things you cannot change.”

The list could go on and on.

I know these things, and I reflect on them often. The problem is in the timing. I never stop and think when these things are happening – and I always say I’ll remember next time. Naturally, I forget.

Will you be my shadow … with flash cards?

we’re going with a plan.

I’m a planner. If I’m going somewhere, I’ve got to know what we’re doing and when. Maybe not necessarily down to the hour, or the day, but I need to know that I’ll accomplish everything that’s planned before time is up. I need to know what there is to do, and what options there are for things. I know – crazy.

We’re headed to Florida soon, and I hope I don’t send my family into overload. I’ve already started mapping things out – again, not to the day, but in two parts of the week. My sister is joining us for the first part of the week, so I want to make sure we do what she wants to do while she’s there. All in all, we’ve got 6 full days there, and 6 things we want to do. And there will be 8 of us. 8 opinions, 8 decisions. We’ve simply got to be organized to get it all done, right?! No, we won’t be standing around each night/morning trying to decide what to do – there’s a plan!

Is it overboard? Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re going to hate me. But at least we’ll be organized!

How far do you go with planning your vacations?

we made it!

So we all made it through the day yesterday – Peanut with hurting teeth (She’s pitiful, really.), me with a broken heart, hubby with … well, I don’t know if he had any issues. But we survived!

I started strength training yesterday – ouch. I made that decision at the last minute, so I came up with a circuit on the fly and made it work. I’ll come up with something better and more planned for next time – though from the feel of my aching muscles, yesterday’s plan seemed to work! Not only did I do 35 minutes of strength training, but I also walked for 45 minutes last night! I think I’ll take a needed day off today – my body is telling me it’s okay. I love it when we agree!

And thanks to the running, walking, and pilates, I’m so excited to be in pants that are one size smaller today! Yippee! I knew it would come – eventually. Now if only the scale would tell me it’s working … wishful thinking, I suppose. Perhaps that number will move once I’m off this sinus meds regimen. Last day for that nonsense is next Tuesday (Well, for the steroids, which is the mean one.), so we’ll see how next week looks. At the end of the day, it is just a number, but it can be so validating! Why can’t it just drop, already!?

Boring today, I know. It’s rainy, and my tire decided it would like to be low today. Nice. Needless to say, my hair looks like Medusa thanks to 5 minutes in the rain with the air tank. Eh, who cares anyway. Not me!

Happy hump day!

P.S. – Did I tell you yet that I’m now registered for two 5k races in October? Yippee! I’ve told myself that if I train throughout and complete both races, I’d consider a running GPS (Perhaps a Garmin Forerunner 205?). Consider being the key word. I do adore gadgets! Perhaps that would get me through the winter and into a few 10k races in the spring? Now that’s pushing it! 😉

one of those days.

“Mama said there’ll be days like this …”

I’m having one of those days. If someone looks at me the wrong way, I might erupt into tears. The working mom guilt is almost too much to bear today. My baby is hurting, and I’m stuck in this place. It’s days like these that almost put me over the edge.

Teething is a bear, and Peanut is getting her first big teeth – her first molars. I feel so bad. I want to hold her, comfort her, and fix it. I want to wipe away her tears when she cries. This is awful.

She’ll be fine. I’ll be fine.

But it just doesn’t feel right.

My heart is breaking and I’m very, very sad …

5k …

Okay, I just registered for a 5k in October! I know it’s only a 5k, but it’s motivation, right?