cayman: day 1


We have arrived! It’s been a long day, but we are here and doing well. Our first flight left at 7 am, so needless to say, we’re all a bit sleep deprived. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and if that’s truly the case, thanks to sleep deprivation, we’re all quite healthy! It’s been a silly day!

This day was met with mixed emotions. Sure, I was and continue to be totally psyched about the trip. But 6 days without my girl? I can honestly say that the day before we left was way worse than this morning – the anticipation was far more upsetting than the actual departure. Still, I see parents with their little ones and can’t help but be a little jealous. I miss my girl. Terribly. But I know that’s it’s good for us in the end, and there’s far worse that could be happening. We’ll all be okay!

Back to the island … when we arrived at the airport, Mike asked dad and I if we would mind driving the other two vans for the group. Um, they drive on the other side of the road here! We’re the only three (Including Alli.) who’ve been here before, and because of our familiarity with the island, were ideal candidates. Dad immediately accepted, and I hesitated but changed my mind when they told me I would always follow one of them. Eek! The debut is tomorrow; I’ll keep you posted!

We’ve already been to the grocery store and dive shop. Though we took a cab to the dive shop (Which is not quite 2 miles and cost $8 CI, $10 US!), we ended up walking back, so we got plenty of exercise today – we also walked to and from the grocery store! We have yet to walk the beach, but I don’t think any of us minded after the day we’ve had!

Tomorrow begins our diving – we’re doing a refresher at 10 am, and our actual dives will begin around 2 pm if my memory serves me correctly. I can’t wait to get in the water and hear nothing but the sound of each breath and the bubbles following my exhale. There’s nothing quite like diving!

Right now: We’re trying out different varieties of Walkers potato chips. So far, the “Roast Chicken” are a no go, the “Prawn Cocktail” are okay, and the “Worcester Sauce” flavor taste strongly of vinegar. On the menu for tomorrow? “Steak and Onion.” Nice!


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