no longer an “excuse.”

It’s embarrassing to admit, but prior to Ash Wednesday, I hadn’t been to Mass in nearly a year. Why? Well, there’s that little blessing we received on May 11th that made life a little more busy. Certainly several weeks of absence might make sense, but 9.5 months? No.

Simply put, I used Lily as our “excuse” to not go. It would be too difficult, you know. She might cry. She may chatter to the people next to us. I couldn’t wake her up for Sunday morning Mass. Services were during nap times. During feedings. On and on and on.

Ridiculous, I know. So what decision did I make on/about Ash Wednesday? To use our daughter as an excuse no more. I know it’s only been a few weeks, but so far so good!

She has cried. She has chattered with other parishioners. She’s been squirmy. She’s both slept and been awake. But we’ve been prepared – with quiet toys, pacifiers and bottles. With strategic seating choices – end of the pew and in the back of the church. And thankfully, there have been no major disruptions. Honestly, so what if there were? There are ways to deal with those, too. No, I would not let her shriek throughout the service. However, not going because it’s a possibility is not acceptable.

Even better than Justin and I going, I’ve even made it through a service without him! It was a bit more challenging to go it alone, but certainly not impossible! We had fun and didn’t cause any major disruptions. Thumbs up!

I’m so pleased with this decision, and am looking forward to the weeks, months and years to come. No more excuses – pack her up and let’s go!


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