blizzard = food.

What do you do in 30″ of snow? Well, besides shovel … er, unless you’re lucky enough to not have to. Oh, and stay warm, of course.

Me? I love to cook. When I learned that we were in for more than 2′ of snow, I planned a full menu and shopped it up.

What did I make that I’d be delighted to share with you? How do macaroni & cheese and beef stew sound? I also managed to make homemade bread and cucumber salad, but the bread isn’t all that exciting and while making the cucumber salad, my daughter was into just about everything (Including discovery of the dog’s water bowl … argh!), making pictures a very bad idea.

But … if you want the recipe for the cucumber salad, it’s by Ina Garten aka Barefoot Contessa and can be found here. I could have used a bit less onion (for my taste) and I did add in some extra white wine vinegar, but otherwise, it’s perfect just as it is.

(Note: I’m a Food Network junkie. While the beef stew recipe didn’t come from Food Network, the mac & cheese did.)

I’d say that just about everything I made this weekend falls into the category of comfort food. Homemade bread, mac & cheese and beef stew are givens, but cucumbers happen to rock, in my mind, so that counts for me, too.

So … stay tuned – the recipes are coming! Until then, here’s a snapshot of our crazy weekend. We ended up with somewhere around 30″ of snow, and there’s another storm on the way this afternoon that’s expected to bring another 10 to 20″.

Oh. My. Gosh.




2 responses to “blizzard = food.

  1. that is some deep snow.
    comfort food sounds good for this weather

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