It seems that anything that matters in our lives always comes with chaos. Today is a hugely exciting day for my husband; a great start with a fantastic organization. He leaves behind another great job, but this one has far more advantages than what his previous employer could provide.

So why, on the day that he starts his new job, does the power go out twice, does the rain fall from the sky, and do my brakes decide to act crazy, causing us to waste precious time in his morning routine? I tell you, it never fails. Oh, and did I mention the traffic? Three accidents on my way in, which is also his new way in! Ridiculous. It’s rain, people, and it happens to be 58 degrees … seriously.

All in all, he made it on time and without any snags, Lily is right where she should be, and we’re all well. We have little to complain about, really. It is just comical, though!

In Lily news, she’s got “Da da da da da!” perfectly. She’s also pulling up on what seems like just about everything, so I’ve been working with her like crazy to stand flat on her feet. I guess it will come with time, but she’s standing on her toes, so I’m trying to work on that.

Other than new discoveries with Lily, the weekend was rather uneventful. Seems I cooked all day yesterday between household chores, and it was actually lots of fun! I started out by baking a chicken so Justin would have lunch for this week. After that, I started applesauce in my mini-crock pot for Lily. Yum! For lunch, I made quesadillas that were out of this world, and I wrapped up the evening with a pork roast in the oven. That daggone roast made me realize just how much I love my crock pot – the 4.5 lb roast took just under 4 hours to cook in the oven!

Enough about us … what have you been up to?

Have a great week!

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