more tidbits …

Seems I’m doing a lot of these posts these days, but there’s so much going on that it’s dizzying!

I’m really missing my Peanut these days. Seems by the time we get home and get everything done, there’s just not enough time with her. We played for well over an hour last night (In between dinner, dishes, laundry, bath …), and call me selfish if you’d like, but it’s just doesn’t feel like enough time. The weekends aren’t long enough, either. I’m trying to commit myself to being home one full day each weekend for just this reason – more time. True, this will require some serious organization and coordination, but I’m game. I need time with our Lil before she’s grown – a time I know will come far too quickly.

Excitement is building – my dad, sister and I are headed to Grand Cayman in March for a dive trip, and the plans are starting to come together. This weekend, I’ll likely spend a few hours at the dive shop doing some refreshers for three certifications I hope to complete while we’re there – rescue, wreck and UW photography. I’m psyched!

It’s time to play catch up. You know from prior posts that I’ve been working on the Alphabitty Moments project – my posts are here and more information can be found here. It’s an awesome project, and one I really want to complete. That being said, as this week is “T,” I have a LOT of catching up to do! I’ll keep you posted on my progress, of course, by posting pages here as I complete them. (Oh my, I just checked out MamaBear’s blog, and they’re only up to the letter “L” … yippee! That means only 5 layouts to catch up!)

We’re going to start sleep training again because things have gotten out of hand. Lily is 8 months old and I’m being honest when I say she was up every 2 hours last night – asleep around 9, then up around 11 pm, 1 am, 3 am and 5 am. No joke. We did training a couple of months ago, but she got sick and I didn’t the heart nor the strength to do it while she was sneezing and coughing through the night. With the sickness over, it’s time to kick things off again. This mama’s tired, and so is Peanut’s papa!

I guess that’s it for now. I’m still waiting on the medical news, so I promise to keep you posted on that. I also hope to get some recent pictures up today, but we’ll see. Maybe by the end of the weekend is a better goal. Have a great day!


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