details 01.

Remember this? I was promising to get “lost in the details.” I got my start, now I just have to finish out the month. See what I meant? This month, my camera and I are picking up the details – the small things that often go unnoticed.

Know this guy? He’s been painted on a crab shell and given to us by a dear friend. I love his details – the brush strokes, the glitter, and the hand-drawn nature of his eyes.


One of the toys Lily plays with in her high chair. For some reason, I always look at his eyes. Silly, I know. But they’re sweet!


Know what this is? It’s my crescent roll! I love the detail my lens picked up.


More “details” to come!

2 responses to “details 01.

  1. Hi Minski… I like photographying details as well, although I haven´t decided to post my photos yet. I just wanted to tell you that I wished you´d had taken the detail of the roll with a larger depth of field before eating it jejeje.

    Best wishes from Venezuela.

    • Hi Edwin!
      You should post them … it’s good to get feedback, and I’m sure they’re fantastic! I actually do have some with a larger DOF, but my favorite is this one – I like the focus on that upper right corner and thought the others were a little more distracting. :0) It tasted awesome, too! Have a great day!

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