waiting …

I have a post ready and waiting for you, but I can’t post it yet. I need an answer first before I click “Publish.” And though I feel compelled to write something, I sit here wondering what to write. Perhaps I could address the subject of “waiting,” in many different forms – and presented in rather random fashion.

Life is so unpredictable. Fabulous news was delivered to us by some very dear friends this weekend, and that news was so completely unexpected. It’s so thrilling, and I’m certain for this one we’ll actually enjoy the wait. That’s the good awesome side of life’s unpredictability. Naturally, there’s a down side to life’s unpredictability, as well. That side landed me unexpectedly at my doctor’s office yesterday, at Advanced Radiology this morning, and sitting by the phone waiting for a phone call right now. And though everyone involved is 99% sure about what the results will be, there’s always that slim chance. I’ve dodged so many bullets in my life; had it so easy – relatively speaking. Let’s hope I dodge this one, too. Like I said, life is so unpredictable.

IMG00213 And in case you didn’t know, lots of Walgreens locations have a Cafe W, which typically means a soda fountain with flavor shots! Yes, your choice of raspberry, lime, cherry and vanilla! It may just be me, but I have a thing for fountain soda (Tammy, I think of you every time – you got me started on fountain sodas!), and an even bigger thing for fountain soda with flavor shots! Absolutely a reason to choose Walgreens, IMHO. Seriously, what better way to wait for your prescription than with a raspberry vanilla diet Pepsi, right?

Husband’s on cloud nine. He gave his 2-weeks notice at work on Monday and thankfully all went well. Honestly, he wasn’t looking for a job and hadn’t planned to leave, but was approached about an opportunity that he simply couldn’t pass up. He was afraid they wouldn’t take it so well, but they’ve been understanding, as I think they should given the circumstances. I’m happy for him – it’ll be a fantastic work environment, new experiences, and a much better commute! The new journey begins on Monday, 1/25. I’ll letcha know how it goes, but until then, we wait.

This prescription is making me nauseous – awesome. Can’t wait to see if it happens again tomorrow … and for the next 13 days.

Had enough yet? I’ll just have to make you wait for my next post to find out the details of these mystery appointments! Don’t worry, neither alternative is very fun, but the better of the two is certainly manageable.

Until then, enjoy the wait.


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