it must be …

… mind over matter. Truthfully, nothing else has changed, yet I feel amazing. I feel like me. I don’t want to jinx it, but it seems I’ve found the long lost me. Yes, it’s true! I’ve been gone for so terribly long, and I think I might be back. Only time will tell, and I’m ready to see!

We got some amazing news this weekend. And though I’m bubbling over with excitement, I can’t share just yet. It might be a wild ride, but I’m certain it’s going to be such a fantastic year! (No, I am NOT pregnant! Wouldn’t that be chaos!)

Equally as suspenseful but nowhere near as fun, today also happens to be a big day for us. Yes, it’s Lily’s 8 month birthday (Oh my!), and while that’s extremely exciting, we’re also beginning a new family journey today. IMG00211e1 As of this morning, Justin is winding down his last two weeks with his employer of 6+ years and preparing to begin with a new company on January 25th. It’s a huge change in many ways, and I couldn’t be more excited for him!

Ooh, in Lily news, she had her first “big girl” ride in the cart yesterday! She was funny – took her a few minutes to get used to the motion, and in no time, she was reaching for the groceries and crying for my pen! The compromise? She got to hold daddy’s Nesquik! I love these milestones – every one is so unique and so much fun!

Can’t wait to share the excitement of this weekend with you – I promise I will as soon as the time is right!

Have a great week!


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