almost off.

Yep, she’s almost off.

Almost crawling.

Almost 8 months old (in 4 days).

I don’t know at what point you consider it official, but she’s daggone close. The current action involves movement driven by the arms with some leg motion in there. While it’s not an all-out crawl, the legs are now helping, and her belly sometimes lifts off the floor, so she’s not totally army crawling, either.

We’re in trouble, because the current speed is even frightening, and with the right combination, she’ll be fast. Time to start Lily-proofing, I guess.

My camera batteries are dead and the charger is MIA (Great …), so can I promise pictures soon? Thanks – you’re so awesome for understanding!


4 responses to “almost off.

  1. do not encourage this behavior! it’s so much better when they don’t move 🙂

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