Yeah, I know. It’s been forever. I guess I never figured that Christmas + working mom + sick baby + sick me would take SO. MUCH. TIME. I’m completely exhausted and am glad Christmas has come and gone. I know; where’s my spirit? This year, I didn’t get all cheerful and excited. In fact, it felt more like going through the motions. I was happy because I had to be, and I guess it worked out. As it so happens, I’ve made some promises with myself for 2010 – some of which I’ll share, some of which I’ll keep to myself. That’s not for now, though.

Nope, I wanted to update on some recent happenings. Peanut is growing like a weed and getting more of a personality every day! She’s sitting up wonderfully now, a skill she mastered over the past two weeks. I swear she’s going to crawl any day now, too. Until then, she gets around by army crawling (using only her arms) and rotating herself around in a circle to see what she needs to see. It’s hilarious.

She must have asked Santa for her two front (bottom) teeth for Christmas, because we discovered them Christmas day. Oh, is she ever miserable with them. I feel SO incredibly bad and wish I could take the pain for her. At any rate, they’re on their way.

There are also new sounds in her vocabulary – those of a “B” variety.

Christmas was fun with her – she helped unwrap gifts, but not for the gifts themselves. Nope, she was all about the paper – and where did it go? In her mouth! Not for long, of course.

How was your holiday?


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