5 months!

We just got back from an amazing weekend in Pittsburgh – nothing special, really, but it was nice to get away and not worry about anything!

On Sunday, little miss celebrated her 5 month birthday and gave us this awesome pic:


That’s my girl! We truly are blessed – she’s so happy and simply amazing! I don’t think there’s anything new to report at month 5. She’s trying to sit up when we hold her, but is not doing so on her own. Seems we have taken two steps back at night – while she was only waking up once a night for a while, she’s going through some kind of “bottle on demand” phase and thinks she can eat whenever she wants. Needless to say, sleep training is ON in our house! Seems sleep training is harder than the regular sleep deprivation of constant feedings, but if the outcome is good, I’ll take it!


Fall is such a busy time, and the coming weeks are certainly no exception. We have some fun things planned over the next few weekends, so we’ll be sure to update with photos. I’m falling behind on lots of things I’m supposed to be keeping up with, so forgive me – while this new life is SO full of rewards and heart-warming excitement, it’s also terribly draining and hectic … whew!

Happy Monday!


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