Album Review: Harry Connick, Jr., Your Songs

I’ll be honest – I usually do not like song remakes. I’ve found that unless the remake version is dynamite, my loyalty remains with the original.

Harry Connick Jr - Your Songs Naturally, there are exceptions to every rule, and this is one of them. Thanks to the One2One Network, I was given the opportunity to review Harry Connick Jr’s new album, Your Songs.

Before I give you more of my taste of the album, here are the songs it features, followed by the name of the original performer:

  1. All The Way (Frank Sinatra)
  2. Just The Way You Are (Billy Joel)
  3. Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (Elvis Presley)
  4. And I Love Her (The Beatles)
  5. (They Long To Be) Close To You (The Carpenters)
  6. Besame Mucho
  7. The Way You Look Tonight
  8. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Roberta Flack)
  9. Your Song (Elton John)
  10. Some Enchanted Evening
  11. And I Love You So (Don McLean)
  12. Who Can I Turn To? (Tony Bennett)
  13. Smile (Charlie Chaplin)
  14. Mona Lisa (Nat King Cole)

I love music, and was honored to have the opportunity to review Your Songs. Much to my surprise, I truly enjoyed the album. Don’t get me wrong – I have always enjoyed Harry’s music, and have a couple of Harry Connick Jr.’s other albums as well as several songs downloaded from iTunes. But as I mentioned above, I typically have a strong dislike for remakes of songs, and particularly classics, as many on the album are. Often, that strong dislike overpowers the artist’s talent and his/her individual take on the song. Not this time, however. The rich instrumentals paired with Harry’s timeless voice won me over. The album is classy. It’s dynamic and dramatic. It’s bold. It’s warm and inviting.

I could imagine this album playing in the background at a dinner party with my closest friends. I see myself listening to this album when I need some inspiration. HCJ_05_028 The album is great, in my mind, on rainy weekend mornings with a big cup of coffee and a good book. And the romantic theme is charming yet sophisticated – in a way only Harry Connick, Jr. can accomplish.

Specifically, I really enjoyed All The Way and Just The Way You Are. Harry has a way with music, and in these songs, I feel he’s most in his artistic element and most in touch with the specific song. Two that I just could not detach from their original makes were Can’t Help Falling In Love With You and Your Song. While I feel they are well done, I found myself thinking of the original artist instead and just couldn’t get into them.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the album. It had a feel that was typical of Harry Connick Jr.’s work, and that’s certainly a very good characteristic to have. In my mind, he’s fantastic, and his unique voice and ability to evoke a mood is incredible. If you enjoy Harry’s other albums, I’d highly recommend Your Songs. And if you’re looking for some relaxing and romantic mood music, this album is also for you. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Want more? The album is being released on Tuesday, 9/22; what are you waiting for … get out there and get your copy! Find more information at Harry’s website (Here’s a great description of the album – a press release on Harry’s website.). Additionally, here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of the album, as well as Harry’s Facebook fan page. He’ll also be appearing on several upcoming television programs, including:

  • 9/25 – Oprah “Live Friday”
  • 9/28 – Today Show
  • 9/29 – The View
  • 9/30 – Imus in the Morning
  • 9/30 – Letterman
  • 10/1 – Today Show
  • Week of 10/5 – Rachael Ray

Note: As mentioned above, I received a copy of Your Songs from One2One Network in exchange for my review. The opinions expressed above are mine and mine alone. If you want to know more about my thoughts and policies on product reviews, go here.


2 responses to “Album Review: Harry Connick, Jr., Your Songs

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  2. villabourani

    cool, nice review, not my favourite HCJ album…what’s yours?

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