4 months …

At this very moment, I was probably pacing hospital halls, having been in labor for 9 hours. I didn’t know what was coming … had NO clue what natural childbirth would be like at this point. Then again, I wouldn’t have changed it, either. We didn’t know what true love meant, because she hadn’t arrived yet. Perfection still had the same old meaning. And I never thought I’d love this job of mom as much as I do. At this point just 4 short months ago, I was a completely different person.


Our baby is 4 months old today – so hard to believe. She’s learned so much over the past month and seems to get funnier each day! She’s now …

  • reaching for things,
  • grabbing small objects,
  • getting frustrated when she can’t grab things (Like the animals printed on her sheets and pajamas …)
  • really seeking the source of noises,
  • laughing at Cody (All the time!),
  • talking up a storm,
  • laughing for no reason,
  • revealing her tickle spots,
  • sleeping on her side,
  • hanging out in her crib (Even when she wakes up at 2 am, like last night!),
  • rolling over if she’s in the mood,
  • spending time on her belly and actually enjoying it,
  • putting anything and everything in her mouth,
  • drooling like crazy, and
  • getting mad when we do something she doesn’t like.

She’s no longer in 3 month clothes for sure. Nope, that girl is much too big and far too long for those any more. Sad to put away some of the adorable clothes she’s hardly worn, but also fun to see what she’ll be wearing over the next few months.

Car rides now consist of either sleeping silence or her adorable chatter. She’ll sit back there and talk the whole way!

She’s got pudgy cheeks and wrinkles in her thighs. She’s even got a crease at her wrist! I adore the puffy feet – so glad that lasts a good long while!

And the hair on the side of her head seems to be coming in full force, though we’re unsure of whether it’ll be red like the hair on the back of her head or blonde like the hair on the top of her head! (Yep, red in the back, blonde on the top. Who knows …)

She’s not really waking up to eat throughout the night now, though I do need to quiet her twice or so each night (We’re working on nights now … elimination of feedings: check. Elimination of need for comfort mid-sleep: close to done.).

There have been attempts with rice cereal, but as it isn’t exactly a fun experience right now, we’ll try that again in a few weeks.

At this point, she’s even spent two nights away from mommy and daddy! (Yes, it was absolute torture!!!)

Yep, she’s a trip, that Peanut of ours. It’s been an awesome month, and I’m sure more fun is to come over the next 4 weeks! Every day is a blessing.


4 responses to “4 months …

  1. Great post!

    ps – how did you drop the night feeding? My 5-mo old is still up one at 3a for a little snack and falls right back to sleep. It doesn’t bother me much because he does fall right back to sleep but I’m wondering if/how to drop it?

    • Thank you!

      She usually wakes up twice now, and when I hear her start to stir, I get up and give her her pacifier (I often need to put her back in the middle of her crib, too.). It usually works, and she’ll go until around 4 or 5 am without a feeding. For the past two nights, we’ve fed her at 11:30 pm (Wednesday) and she made it until 5 am, and last night was 8:30 pm to 4:30 am! Yippee!

      Additionally, I’ve also read “The Baby Sleep Solution” by Suzy Giordano and “The Happiest Baby on the Block” by Harvey Karp. I prefer the first, but both have great tips that I’ve used along the way.

      I hope it lasts and isn’t just a fluke!!!

      Good luck – keep me posted, and if you find something that works, let me know!


  2. Aunt Chelle

    I can’t believe she’s 4 months old! She’s such a good girl. Can’t wait to see all of her new tricks….hopefully next weekend. I miss you all so much!

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