progress …

Now on to this Peanut of ours. On our way to the hike in DC, I sat in the back with Lily. I gave her a ring that has large beads on it to play with. I watched as she took the ring in her left hand and worked to pass it from her left hand to her right. I could see her brain process each action, and was so excited for her when she accomplished it! What an awesome stage of development! She never ceases to amaze me.

Our next adventure was on Monday afternoon … I changed her sheets on Saturday morning – the new ones are yellow with animals on them. Justin noticed that she was trying to grab the animals and was growing frustrated when she couldn’t get them. Hilarious!!! She’s so into grabbing things now – it’s awesome to watch (But it hurts when what she wants to grab is your hair!). So … these sheets might be placed in the reserves until she gets a bit older – I don’t want to torture our little Peanut – she’ll be so confused!


Excitement #3 of the weekend was last night. She woke up around 12:30, and when I went in to get her, I found her on her belly! I watched for a minute or so as she flailed around, attempting to flip back over. She was so mad, and I just had to laugh (there’s mean mommy again …)! Going from her stomach to her back is the easier of the two, so I know she could have done it, but I couldn’t leave her to struggle any longer, especially on a hungry tummy. She’s got the rolling over thing down, but it’s always been for fun before. Now that she’s been sleeping on her side (Yep, on her side! We put her on her back, but she folds to steady herself on her side and usually has her head on her arm. So cute!), I’m sure she’ll end up on her belly more often.

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