bittersweet …

Saturday night led us to Justin’s parent’s house for a cookout. It was a gorgeous evening with some really great people – some I hadn’t seen since our wedding almost 5 years ago! Naturally, there was plenty of guitar playing – awesome! I loved the time with my nephews (And we missed you terribly, Aunt Chelle! Hope you had fun!), although I could always use more! Once again, it was an exhausting evening – two in a row! Lily fell asleep outside while Grandpa and Mr. Ray were playing guitar … and then Grandpa woke her up about an hour later. (Argh …) When I put her to sleep the second time around, I went with her! Blah! Wish I could have spent more time with everyone, but it is what it is, right?


Really, after the events of Friday and Saturday night, we needed the next two days to recover! We ventured out briefly early Sunday evening for a walk through the woods, but that was it for Sunday and Monday. Of course, no weekend would be complete without the usual cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc., so that is how we spent the day hours on Sunday and Monday.

So, that’s the short version of our weekend. Lots of fun, and so hard to leave behind. Any opportunity I get to spend extra days with my Peanut are ALWAYS amazing, so naturally, we had a fantastic time. That also makes leaving a million times harder. I hate Monday mornings and those after a 3-day weekend are much, much worse. My conclusion is that long weekends are bittersweet – so much fun, but so hard to leave behind. Thankfully, we’re one day closer to Friday, so I’ll stay positive and keep on movin’! I think this weekend we’ll be at G-ma and G-pa’s, and that will be lots of fun! (Lily is making her plans with G-ma on the phone below …)


On the plus side, I have some hilarious memories to get me through the day until I can see her again! Wait for a post on this funny little girl … she’s cracking us up more and more every day!

How did YOU spend your long weekend???

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