hiding …

Sorry, I’ve been in hiding this week. Actually, it’s been insane from Monday on. We’re going to a wedding on Saturday night – a wedding without little people. It’s our daycare provider’s son who is getting married, so our daycare provider is off on Thursday and Friday. In addition to needing someone to watch our little Lily on Thursday and Friday, we also needed to find someone to watch her while we attend the wedding.

The solution we came up with? My mom. She lives 80 miles away, though, so it wasn’t as simple as just dropping Lily off every morning. On Wednesday night, I packed Lily and her car load of stuff up and we drove down to my parent’s house. I’ve stayed with them both Wednesday and Thursday nights, and will head home after work tonight.

To be honest, I don’t know if I will make it through two nights and just over two days without my girl. It’s going to be next to impossible.

We’ll see. Justin and I have a date tonight at an undisclosed location (It’s a surprise to him, so I’ll keep it a secret. Believe me, it’s nothing exciting.), so hopefully that will help to distract me. And hopefully I can make tomorrow highly productive.

I know I couldn’t be in Justin’s shoes – the last time he saw her was Wednesday night. That’s FAR too long for me.

I’ll try my best to not jump in the car tonight and head down there. Or go there from the wedding tomorrow night. I will try.

But I miss my baby … terribly.


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