a new voice …

Once again, that girl’s got me laughing!

We had a fantastic weekend in. Caught up on some things around the house, though it’s never enough time and I’m still left with that overwhelming weight on my shoulders. I’m beginning to think I should just adjust and get used to it, but I don’t know if I can. Eh, we’ll see.

Of course, when we think we’ll catch up, something else happens. The excitement of this past week/weekend was the drama in the pantry. Unfortunately, the issue of the uninsulated duct needed to be resolved now rather than in a few months, as planned. When I left for work on Friday, I had a neat kitchen and pantry. When I got home, half of my pantry was all over my house so Justin could do the necessary repairs. Sigh … it’s downright impossible to work in a chaotic kitchen!

Anyway, on to the fun stuff …


So Lily found her voice on Saturday. She’s started this shrieking/squealing/screaming thing, and for now, it’s hilarious! She’ll do it when she’s happy, and when she’s upset, it starts out like that now, too. It’s a riot! Can you tell she’s yelling in these pictures? :0)



She also had her first taste of rice cereal (Well, outside of the small amounts I’ve tried in her bottle.), and guess what? She slept through the night on Saturday! Yeah! We didn’t get to give her cereal last night as the timing just didn’t work out, but I plan on trying it again tonight. Thanks, mom! Great idea!



Have a great week; we’ve got another crazy one ahead!


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