feed me …

Justin, Lily and I were in the kitchen cooking dinner on Monday night. Knowing Lily loves to hold on to things, I grabbed a plastic spoon for her to play with, and this is what we got …

(1) If she could talk, she’d be saying, “Feed me … now!” Kind of looks like she’s about to get serious with that spoon, huh?


(2) This one was just to sweet to pass up …


(3) And this one screams, “You want me to eat THAT? Seriously?”



One response to “feed me …

  1. OMG! Those pictures are priceless! Love the 2nd and 3rd ones! She’s looking so much older. I can’t stand it…I miss her so much! Wonder if you would mind if I take her from Lupe one day and have a Aunt Chelle play day. Then bring her back to you when you get home.

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