taking yoga for a spin …

Yep, tomorrow I start a new adventure – yoga!

I was supposed to start last month, but for a handful of reasons I decided to postpone until this month (guilt, having to miss a session to attend a wedding, guilt, visit to my sister in the hospital on the first day of yoga, guilt …). This time, there will be no guilt; I NEED to do something for me, and this is it. Besides, Lily and daddy could use some bonding time each week, right? It’ll be a great way to spend some time alone and re-center myself.

The first two sessions in August are more or less info sessions, and the real work begins in September when the series kicks off. I’m looking forward to my Friday nights for ME! (This week’s session is on Saturday morning, but the rest from here on out are on Friday night.)

The closest I’ve ever gotten to yoga is pilates (Which I LOVE!), and I know the two are very different. I’m psyched to see what yoga is all about, and am really hoping it ends up being a good fit for me.

Do you have any experience with yoga? Love it? Hate it? What do you take away from it?


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