spandex lamb tube?

Will someone please tell me why this sheep (Forgive me, or is it a lamb? Nevermind, I just learned that a lamb is just a sheep under 12 months old!) is wearing a striped spandex suit??? I know there has to be a reason, and I’d feel much better knowing.


Okay, so I googled “why put spandex on a sheep” (My other word combinations didn’t generate any results.) and got to this … apparently it’s a lamb tube and it’s intended to keep them clean between showings? Is this correct?

And is it the same principle for the goats? Why don’t they get the cool spandex tubes? And why do some of them wear hoods?


I’d love to know – seriously! I wonder every year as we check out the animals at the fair and would love to know the answer.


3 responses to “spandex lamb tube?

  1. Heyy, i’m in FFA right now and its my second year showing lambs. Yes that is corrent, the lamb tubes, or socks are used to keep them clean and keep their hides tight ( makes their bodies seem firmer to the judges touch ) Anyways goats can wear tubes too, but its less common. Prolly cause they dont get as dirty as lambs. The hoods are just another way too keep clean (:

    • Awesome, thanks Sarah! I’ve always wondered. I would have never even thought of the impact on their hides, either! Now I have something to share – and think about – whenever I see them. Thanks again!

  2. Hoods and Blankets are more commonly seen in Breeding sheep because they’re shown in fleece instead of slick shorn. Its alot harder to get a long fleeced lamb clean than a slick shorn one

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