warning: milestone alert!


Yes! Today, Thursday, August 6th, marks the first day Lily has rolled over! She had been close so many times, and tonight, she just seemed to have the strength and determination. We first learned that she can go from her back to her stomach – well, almost. That darn arm gets in the way! We helped her get her arm out of the way, and once she was completely on her stomach, she almost immediately rolled herself back over on her back!!!

IMG_9737e1 Yippee! Repeat a few times and you’ve got our exciting night!

Of course she’s totally worn out now, and passed out on my lap (Yes, that would be me in winter-ish pajama pants with moose on them. And yes, they ARE wearing green and white scarves. I know, they’re cool! And I’m so guilty for wearing pajamas out of season! Go ahead – report me to What Not to Wear.)! I guess it IS pretty hard work for such a little body. So … no more leaving her for a split second. That’s okay with me – she’s rolling over!!! Woohoo!


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