lots to come …

Sheesh, I have SO much to write about … but am seriously lacking the time to do so (No one told me these fantastic little people were THIS time consuming!). This week should be fun as I finish up these posts:

  • Reaction to “A Magnificent Marriage”
  • What do you get when you combine a nearly 40-year old lawn mower, fresh gas, and jumper cables? A spark, which makes a FIRE in the driveway and pandemonium around the house! Oh yeah!
  • Quiz … (Two of them; one here, and one here.)
  • Recipe for one of several ways to make my favorite meal – yum!
  • Link(s) of the week
  • A wrap-up of PUL – is it really not food-safe, and if so, what is?
  • I’m not sure about this one yet, but I’m guessing from the events so far that tomorrow’s garage door delivery will be a disaster – our guess is that they send the wrong door! Now that’ll make for a fun post! (Update – no post necessary. While there was a bit of mis-communication about scheduled delivery time, the door that was delivered was exactly right – yay!)
  • I may have a great comparison post this week, though it’s going to take lots of research to prepare. If not this week, then next.

Lots to come … so stick around! For now, I’m going to bed … I’ve got a Peanut wake up call coming in 3 hours or so!

P.S. – If you have any burning questions or are thinking of something you’d find interesting, please let me know … I’d love to post for you!

(Note: This post was updated on 8/11/09 to include links to completed posts.)


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