great search terms …

From time to time, I like to check out my blog stats, and I get great pleasure out of looking at search terms people used that led them to my blog. Seriously, some of these are fantastic! Let’s take a look at highlights from the past quarter …

  • “$160 speeding fine mva” … Sorry about that! I hope you were as lucky as I was. Remember this?
  • “why some people faces are long and dip o” … Huh?
  • “orange flakey bumps on baby’s head” … Oh my, that does NOT sound good! I’d recommend calling your pediatrician about that one.
  • “the end of overeating” … Man, I wish I could convince myself of this one! If you figured that out, let me know what you did!
  • “nilla wafer chicken nuggets recipe” … No offense, but that sounds nasty. Then again, I eat BLT soup like it’s going out of style and that grosses most people out. Guess I shouldn’t talk.
  • “hate depression sloth quiz” … I’m confused.
  • “contractions worse when sitting” … Yes, they were, sister! But, as I later learned, those contractions were NOTHING compared to the last hour of birth … without drugs! Oh yeah, now that’s the worst, my friend! I must be crazy. Seriously.
  • “world’s most amazing birth stories” … You will not find that here; sorry.
  • “orange spots on neck area” … Too many carrots or oranges? Again, call a doctor. I can’t help ya with that one.
  • “bubble names” … Hmmm, I’m stumped.

Some of these are fantastic! Keep ’em coming; I love trying to figure people out; it’s great fun!


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