this week in food …

I’m always forgetting what options I have when it comes to dinner ideas. I’ve made some really yummy meals over the years, but when it comes time to remember them again … yeah, right!

In an effort to add more variety to my “catalog” of menu ideas, the plan is to post here what’s planned for the week. Hopefully this will help me remember some of these awesome meals so I can make them again!

Without further ado, here’s this week’s menu …

  • Strawberry salad (walnuts, cranberries, feta cheese, grape tomatoes, strawberries) w/ balsamic grilled chicken
  • Breakfast burritos (eggs, onion, bacon, cheese) with pan-fried potatoes
  • Hawaiian ham steak w/ grilled onions and peppers over brown rice
  • Grilled kielbasa w/ grilled zucchini & potato packets
  • Chicken sandwiches w/ mac and cheese & peas

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