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hiding …

Sorry, I’ve been in hiding this week. Actually, it’s been insane from Monday on. We’re going to a wedding on Saturday night – a wedding without little people. It’s our daycare provider’s son who is getting married, so our daycare provider is off on Thursday and Friday. In addition to needing someone to watch our little Lily on Thursday and Friday, we also needed to find someone to watch her while we attend the wedding.

The solution we came up with? My mom. She lives 80 miles away, though, so it wasn’t as simple as just dropping Lily off every morning. On Wednesday night, I packed Lily and her car load of stuff up and we drove down to my parent’s house. I’ve stayed with them both Wednesday and Thursday nights, and will head home after work tonight.

To be honest, I don’t know if I will make it through two nights and just over two days without my girl. It’s going to be next to impossible.

We’ll see. Justin and I have a date tonight at an undisclosed location (It’s a surprise to him, so I’ll keep it a secret. Believe me, it’s nothing exciting.), so hopefully that will help to distract me. And hopefully I can make tomorrow highly productive.

I know I couldn’t be in Justin’s shoes – the last time he saw her was Wednesday night. That’s FAR too long for me.

I’ll try my best to not jump in the car tonight and head down there. Or go there from the wedding tomorrow night. I will try.

But I miss my baby … terribly.


photoshop: colored pencil

Here’s a cool technique to make your images look like they were done with colored pencil. Again, I modified the original tutorial a bit to suit my particular image, but I essentially followed it as it is presented!

My photo transition …



photoshop: comic book …


Following this tutorial, I turned a normal picture into a retro comic book type image. See?



Awesome, huh? I had to make some modifications in my version to get it to turn out right (changed the resolution, increased the grain in the “film grain” step), but for the most part, I followed the tutorial.

Hmm, what can I create next!?

a new voice …

Once again, that girl’s got me laughing!

We had a fantastic weekend in. Caught up on some things around the house, though it’s never enough time and I’m still left with that overwhelming weight on my shoulders. I’m beginning to think I should just adjust and get used to it, but I don’t know if I can. Eh, we’ll see.

Of course, when we think we’ll catch up, something else happens. The excitement of this past week/weekend was the drama in the pantry. Unfortunately, the issue of the uninsulated duct needed to be resolved now rather than in a few months, as planned. When I left for work on Friday, I had a neat kitchen and pantry. When I got home, half of my pantry was all over my house so Justin could do the necessary repairs. Sigh … it’s downright impossible to work in a chaotic kitchen!

Anyway, on to the fun stuff …


So Lily found her voice on Saturday. She’s started this shrieking/squealing/screaming thing, and for now, it’s hilarious! She’ll do it when she’s happy, and when she’s upset, it starts out like that now, too. It’s a riot! Can you tell she’s yelling in these pictures? :0)



She also had her first taste of rice cereal (Well, outside of the small amounts I’ve tried in her bottle.), and guess what? She slept through the night on Saturday! Yeah! We didn’t get to give her cereal last night as the timing just didn’t work out, but I plan on trying it again tonight. Thanks, mom! Great idea!



Have a great week; we’ve got another crazy one ahead!

link of the week …

Oh, what to do, what to choose. To date, I have 1,625 links in my delicious account. The problem is choosing what’s perfect for you!

This week, I’ll go with some travel links. I’ve been perusing some of them lately as we’re working on planning our next dive trip, so here they are!

  • Baekgaard Jewelry Roll – While I have yet to buy one of these, I keep coming back to it. They’re adorable, and functional at the same time!
  • Gotta love Nalgene water bottles – they’re good for so many travel adventures!
  • One Bag is a great site that helps you figure out what to pack and how to pack it. You know, just in case you need help lightening your load!
  • If you are looking for a unique and durable way to mark your luggage, VisiTags are it! I ordered a set for myself in orange with blue writing and adore them! I then went on to order them for my husband, dad and youngest sister. They’re GREAT!
  • Another must have, the Balanzza is a perfectly portable luggage scale. Hasn’t let me down yet, and I come dangerously close when traveling with dive gear!

Look for more travel links in an upcoming post; I’ve got so many that I’ll keep you entertained for a few weeks with this topic!

recipe: kielbasa … again!

I warned you; I LOVE this stuff. On this particular occasion, it wasn’t a planned meal, so I worked from what we had on hand. Boy, did that ever work out! Here’s how it went …

. : | Kielbasa … Again! | : .

What you’ll need …

2 handfuls baby carrots, sliced lengthwise
freshly ground pepper, to taste
1 Tbsp. garlic salt
olive oil
1 bunch asparagus, cut into 2″ lengths
1 medium onion, cut in half & sliced
1 package Hillshire Farm Turkey Kielbasa, cut into coins

What you’ll do …

Heat olive oil in medium pan; add carrots, pepper & garlic salt and saute 3 minutes. Add in asparagus & onion; saute to desired doneness (I prefer my veggies to be a bit crisp, but you might like them otherwise.). Remove veggies from pan. Add a bit more olive oil and kielbasa; saute until kielbasa begins to brown. Return veggies to pan and heat through. Great served over brown rice!






word of the week: 08.17.09


stagnant: [adj: stag-nuhnt]
Not running or flowing; stale as a result of not running or flowing; lack of advancement or development.

And something I’m not good at – from

laconic: [adj: luhkon-ik]
using few words; expressing much in few words; concise: a laconic reply.