my peanut …

IMG_8956e1 I always miss my Peanut, but by the time Friday afternoon comes, I’m so ready to go. This afternoon was no different, and I was so excited to see my little miss! Of course, the days I’m most anxious to see her are the days when traffic is horrible. When we finally got home, however, she was in a fantastic mood, so we even got to play before starting dinner! I adore evenings like this.

She’s cracking me up in her bouncy seat. Normally, when we put her in, she gets so excited about seeing the toys. She smiles and makes these flirty eyes that melt my heart! IMG_8983e1 She moves like crazy, making the toys move, and getting her even more excited! This evening, I gave her some time with her animals, and then we moved on to her play mat. She wasn’t so interested in the mat this evening; I rolled her over a few times and that was that. Fair enough; there are times I want to do things and times I don’t, too.

It’s awesome to watch her personality start to develop. Her expressions are getting to be so incredibly funny, and we’re really enjoying the increased awake hours. IMG_9003e1 It makes our time with her so much more rich!

She took a pretty good nap while Justin and I made dinner, and she was so out that I even got a picture of her!

I can honestly say that I’ve never known love like this. Our Peanut brightens every moment of my day. I love watching her grow and learn new things. I love to snuggle her in the middle of the night. I simply adore her!!!


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