isn’t it ironic?

I was on my way home this afternoon when I witnessed and took in what I consider an episode of sheer irony. I was following a white van with a bumper sticker that read “CAR ACCIDENT LAWYERS.” These must be some pretty awful lawyers because any driver like this guy would never advertise for a descent lawyer – he would be sure to lose!

0724091623 So I’m following this guy, and I’m about to make a left turn when he decides he, too, wants to make the same left turn – and he is now significantly past the turn. There’s a car coming my way, and I’ve already started my turn. This guy does a super fast u-turn right in the middle of the road and just about takes out my passenger side turning onto the same road. Meanwhile, I’m about to be hit by the car he turned after – I was stuck … I couldn’t turn b/c he was now going the same way, but there was a car coming right at me. Thank goodness nothing happened.

I was on a mission to get a picture of this guy’s bumper sticker … I love it! Dude, if they’re any good, take it off … you don’t want to give anyone any ideas, and you’re sure to need a lawyer in the future!


One response to “isn’t it ironic?

  1. LOL. That’s pretty damn funny.

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