how to: shower with no power

Oh, and it rhymes! How fabulous!

I don’t know – can you use water if you’re on a public system when the power goes out? Fill me in; I’d love to know.

Anyway, we have a well, so when the power dies, so does our water use. Such was the case this morning; thankfully, I had showered already. Otherwise, I’d be going somewhere to get clean! I was drying my hair when the power went out, so while I’m clean, I look like Medusa today.

My husband was not as fortunate in the shower category, and provided me with this explanation as to how to shower when we lose power:

Do you know how to take a shower with no power? Rinse hair first with plastic cup. Use penny size shampoo, rub in. Rinse hair with two cups water, also acts as a prerinse for rest of body. Lather up. Rinse with three cups. Now you are done and can use the actual shower to rinse, using remainder of water pressure. Finally you flush toilet, since toilet tank is already full for one flush. It will not affect shower since the tank will only fill if there is enough water pressure left. Now that’s green.

I don’t know why, but that’s hysterical to me. Thank goodness I’m married to a handy, LEED AP certified (Think green!) mechanical engineer … otherwise, I don’t know how we’d ever survive. Ha!


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