welcome to fun …

This girl is getting to be a riot! While we never made it to Baltimore yesterday (Which is actually a good thing – that means A was not admitted and went home, although not uneventfully!), we ran errands and hung out at home. We had been watching Lily gnaw on her fingers and hands all day, and with the chewing came lots of drool. I know it’s not quite time for them yet, but I wanted to see what she’d do with teething rings, so I froze them. Am I ever glad I did; it was hilarious! She couldn’t get enough of it, and got really upset when we took it away, even if it was for a few seconds!

As of this morning, she’s into stuffing blankets into her mouth. This one’s going to require some creative thinking as I don’t want her doing that in her crib when we’re not around!


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