happy birthday, little man!


I have two nephews that I absolutely adore. They’re 10 months apart, and are 100% boys inside and out. They’ve both got awesome personalities – the older of the two, K, is so sweet and really cares about others. He’s also got such an imagination – his stories will really make you laugh! The younger of the two, M, is totally feisty and an absolute comedian. Both train fanatics, they can identify different train models in an instant and without question. They’re sweet, smart, full of energy and can wear an aunt DiDee and uncle Eesh Eesh out FAST!

Today, little M celebrates his 3rd birthday! Hard to believe; it seems like such a short time ago that I got the call on my way to work that Michelle was in labor. The day was a total surprise; M came 6 weeks early, and he truly is a miracle. He overcame some serious struggles and is still such a fighter!

On a recent trip to Pittsburgh, Michelle and I had a conversation with both K & M about what they wanted for their birthdays. I adore their lists, and wish life were so simple for us adults sometimes. Here’s what they asked for …

K’s birthday list – he’ll be 4 in exactly 2 months …

  • Big green chapstick
  • Big Lightning McQueen chapstick
  • Big plastic truck
  • Big & little cars
  • Root beer

M’s birthday list – he’s 3 today …

  • Purple cupcakes
  • Purple cake
  • Big red chapstick
  • Big cars
  • Big dump truck
  • Big loader
  • Root beer

Oh, how I love these boys!!!

So to you, today, happy birthday, M! Aunt DiDee and Uncle Eesh Eesh are sending you our love and hope to see you this weekend and if not, really soon!!! XOXOXO!!!


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