let’s race …

A friend and I are looking for some sort of race to participate in this fall. Nothing monumental, but something that we can both focus on in order to stay committed to our fitness goals. Instead of being selfish and keeping the list to myself, I figured I’d share with you! All of these events are in the Baltimore & Washington, DC metropolitan area. If you’ve participated in any of these and loved/hated them, let me know! When we choose our event, I’ll be sure to fill you in, and will also detail our results once it’s all said and done. This list will be updated until we find the one that’s perfect for us!

Now, I’m accountable to the event for my fitness progress, I’m accountable to my friend for participation in the event, and I’m accountable to you to get my rear in gear and do this thing!!!

8/22/09, Manchester, MD … River Valley Ranch 5K/10K
8/29/09, College Park, MD … PGRC Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 5K
9/12/09, Pasadena, MD … Pasadena 5K
9/20/09, Baltimore, MD … Fort McHenry Tunnel 5K Run/Walk
9/26/09, Catonsville, MD … Catonsville Fall Into Fitness 5K/10K
10/3/09, Ellicott City, MD … BBMS 5K
10/10/09, Baltimore, MD … Baltimore Running Festival 5K Race


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